TransJourney examines a short stretch of Annabelle's personal path. As her mother crosses the country to visit, Annabelle reminisces with her friend and trans-mentor, Shannon, and she experiences the blossoming of love. Share the three women's ever-surpising odyssey of life.

TransJourney is a poignant and accessible documentary about transgender identity, highlighting the key issues of family, acceptance, support and health care.
-- Traci B. Abbott, Ph.D., Lecturer, English and Media Studies Dept., Coordinator of Gender Studies Program, Bentley University.

TransJourney is a touching film that gives viewers a genuine understanding of what it feels like to be transgender or a family member of a transgender person. I look forward to showing it this summer at our PFLAG of Cape Cod meeting and have recommended it to other PFLAG chapters in the New England region. It's a wonderful tool to enhance understanding, acceptance, and support for transgender people.
-- Amy Mesirow, President, PFLAG of Cape Cod, PFLAG Regional Director

TransJourney is more than just a trans*story, it's a story about how as people we can learn from each other and celebrate all of our identities so that we can live authentic lives.
--Chris Lauth, Assistant Director of the Diversity Program, Office of Intercultural Student Engagement, Rhode Island School of Design

TransJourney travels home to Seattle's Gender Odyssey Conference, August 22nd, 2015,
and also screens at Brown University, October 5th, sponsored by TBGL Alumni and the Brown LGBTQ Center.

Good news to our sponsors and friends of TransJourney.

TransJourney premiered at the Rhode Island International Film Festival Saturday, August 9th at RISD's Art Museum. We had a receptive audience and all most a full house at the Mecalf auditorium. In fact, we've already been invited to another film festival that is coming up in October. If you missed the screening, we'll keep you posted as TransJourney makes its way across the country.

Best, Alexia Kosmider and Blue Wade, Directors of TransJourney.

© 2015 Shifting Visions Productions, 501(c)3

© 2015 Shifting Visions Productions, 501(c)3 ,