TransJourney travels home to Seattle's Transgender Festival, May 10th, 2015,
and also helps kick off RI Pride, Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Good news to our sponsors and friends of TransJourney.

TransJourney premiered at the Rhode Island International Film Festival Saturday, August 9th at RISD's Art Museum. We had a receptive audience and all most a full house at the Mecalf auditorium. In fact, we've already been invited to another film festival that is coming up in October. If you missed the screening, we'll keep you posted as TransJourney makes its way across the country.

Best, Alexia Kosmider and Blue Wade, Directors of TransJourney.

© 2012 Shifting Visions Productions, 501 (c) 3

© 2012 Shifting Visions Productions, 501 (c) 3